Kalinowski P., Sliwinska E. & Kruk J.
Equisetum ×moorei Newman (Equisetaceae) – a ‘new’ nothotaxon in the Polish flora. Biodiv. Res. Conserv. 41: 11-18.
Abstract: To investigate present and historical distribution of Equisetum ×moorei in Poland and its habitat requirements, field studies at sites of potential occurrence of this hybrid taxon as well as literature and herbarium search were performed. As a results of these investigations, E. ×moorei was found at five contemporary and at a few historical localities in the present territory of Poland. Since the Equisetum populations near Olkusz (S Poland) showed phenotype similar, to some extent, to triploid hybrid E. ×ascendens, we performed nuclear DNA content analysis of these populations. However, it turned out that the investigated individuals belonged to a diploid taxon that can be ascribed to E. ×moorei.
Key words: Central Europe, distribution, Equisetum, flow cytometry, hybrid taxon
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