Threatened and spreading plant species in the protected area 'Błota Rakutowskie' (northern Poland)
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Biodiv. Res. Conserv. 2006;(3-4):377-380
Rare, protected and threatened plants were studied in 'Błota Rakutowskie' - a NATURA 2000 site protected due to its ornithological value. The site includes primarily wetlands and the Rakutowskie Lake, which is now very shallow and overgrown mainly by plant communities of the class Charetea. In summer, part of the lake floor is exposed and succession of marsh and meadow communities takes place. Near the lake there are vast areas of marsh communities and wet meadows. The lake and the surrounding marshes have been a Nature Reserve 'Jezioro Rakutowskie' since 1982. Floristic research carried out in 2004 has proved a high participation of protected and threatened taxa in the flora of this area. Some of the species tend to spread, e.g. Cladium mariscus, Eleocharis quinqueflora and Gentianella amarella. During this study, 45 species that are protected or threatened in Poland or its central and northern regions were noted there. Out of them, 18 taxa are legally protected. The analysis concerns not only vascular plants but also charophytes and bryophytes.
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