Seidenfia manikathila (Orchidaceae, Epidendroideae, Malaxideae), a new species from south Western Ghats, India
Jose Mathew 1, A-B,D,F
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Department of Botany, Sanatana Dharma College, Alappuzha, Kerala, India
MSSRF, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, Puthurvayal, Kalpetta, Wayanad, India
Department of Botany, University of Kerala, Karyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Department of Botany, Sree Narayana College, Chempazhanthi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Department of Botany, St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam, Kerala, India
Department of Plant Taxonomy and Nature Conservation, Gdańsk University, Wita Stwosza 59, 80-308 Gdańsk, Poland
A - Research concept and design; B - Collection and/or assembly of data; C - Data analysis and interpretation; D - Writing the article; E - Critical revision of the article; F - Final approval of article
Corresponding author
Jose Mathew   

Department of Botany, Sanatana Dharma College, Alappuzha, Kerala, India
Biodiv. Res. Conserv. 2021;(64)
Seidenfia manikathila J.Mathew, P.M. Salim & Szlach. (Orchidaceae), a new species from the southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India, is described and illustrated based on morphological data. We demonstrate that the new species differs from other Seidenfia species both in vegetative and floral characters. The diagnostic morphological characters, distribution and images of the new species are presented in this paper. Images and key to the known species of Seidenfia coming under the section Seidenfia from India (S. densiflora, S. intermedia, S. malabarica, S. rheedi, S. versicolor) is also provided.
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